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Most of the city of Hadriel is in an uninhabitable state, walls crumbling, doors broken. But Hope has restored a few buildings, enough to house the first rush of arrivals - probably. There are two different types of housing that your character can live in: apartments (the spires) and houses.

The apartments are housed within tall, unearthly spires. Only four of these have been restored, but many more can be seen throughout the city, some with burn marks, some partially collapsed, others cut off almost cleanly partway up. The three that Hope repaired and the one that Delight restored are in excellent condition, however, spotlessly clean and ready to be inhabited. They are each eight floors high, with differently sized units on each floor, ranging from one bedroom to three. Each unit has a kitchen and a bathroom attached, as well as living and dining areas. The architecture is curved and somewhat organic-looking, with appliances fitting into walls so well they almost seem to have grown there. The doors of the houses are marked with strange symbols, but if you squint and sort of tilt your head, they resolve into ordinary unit numbers.

Unfortunately, at the moment the only way up the spires are the shallow staircases in the center of them. It seems that the previous inhabitants either didn't know what elevators were or simply didn't use them.

The houses are freestanding structures, clustered together in something similar to a housing development, with streets and footpaths separating and connecting them. Like the spires, their architecture is strange, looking more like shells or pods, with curved walls and surfaces, spiraling staircases, and circular windows, often with colored glass. The houses come in three layouts: three bedroom, four bedroom, and five bedroom. There are currently a limited amount of them in habitable condition. The ones that are, however, are perfectly clean inside. Like the apartments, there is no sign of their former owners. They also have kitchens, as well as two bathrooms each and more storage space than the apartments.

After her resurrection, Delight restored her own area of houses. There are ten of these residences, and both four bedroom and five bedroom houses are available. The neighborhood is fashioned into a downward-spiral pattern into the earth, with each house being dug back into the cave wall. The streets of this neighborhood have lights laid into the ground which bathes everything in a warm, yellow glow. While the upper floor of the houses have outside access, the lower floors are completely encased by the stone around it, making the homes essentially underground. However, the main floors of the homes are open and spacious, with a sprawling living area and well-lit kitchen. The bedrooms are all on the lower floor and have lamps in them to simulate natural light, though if they are turned off then the rooms are almost completely shrouded in darkness.

Some time after the gods were resurrected, while fiddling with the Door, Sorrow brought in a number of strange imported houses. Compared to the rest of Hadriel's architecture, with its smooth lines and curves, they look strange and out of place, but perhaps to Hadriel's inhabitants they seem more normal. These houses are dotted throughout the southern half of the city, and can be found in three-bedroom, four-bedroom, five-bedroom, and six-bedroom styles.

All apartments and houses come fully outfitted with amenities - refrigerator, bath, stove, laundry, etc. However, you won't find a Maytag sitting in your laundry room. These appliances are strangely shaped - curved or hexagonal, partly made of glass or some other strange substance. Their buttons have odd symbols on them, and figuring out how everything works will take some trial and error. Nothing is dangerous enough to kill you, but you might freeze that meal instead of cooking it, or your clothes might turn out a pleasant pink. However, once you've got the hang of them, they work similarly to anything you'd find at home.

The housing also comes fully furnished, though the furniture seems to have been made for creatures that were shaped similarly, but not exactly like humans. The chairs might be just a little too tall, the bedding a little too thick or thin. Still, it's all useable. If you want something that reminds you of home, you might be able to find it in one of the abandoned stores, if you search.

101 3 Bedroom Rydia
201 3 Bedroom
301 2 Bedroom Henry Percy, Maketh Tua
401 2 Bedroom
501 2 Bedroom
601 2 Bedroom Temperance Brennan, Zack Addy
701 1 Bedroom Jill Valentine
702 1 Bedroom Delmar
801 1 Bedroom Prussia
802 1 Bedroom Kain Highwind
101 3 Bedroom Elena Gilbert
201 3 Bedroom Saber, Irisviel von Einzbern
301 2 Bedroom Oscar
401 2 Bedroom Glacius, Carlisle Longinmouth
501 2 Bedroom Dr. Lance Sweets
601 2 Bedroom Kravitz
701 1 Bedroom Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher
702 1 Bedroom
801 1 Bedroom Whistler
802 1 Bedroom Kate Galloway
101 3 Bedroom Tyki Mikk
201 3 Bedroom
301 2 Bedroom Drake Holloway, Liv Moore
401 2 Bedroom
501 2 Bedroom Duck
601 2 Bedroom
701 1 Bedroom
702 1 Bedroom
801 1 Bedroom
802 1 Bedroom Dr Lee Rosen
101 3 Bedroom Will Solace, Annabeth Chase, Nico di Angelo
201 3 Bedroom Magnus Burnsides, Taako, Merle Highchurch, Lup
301 2 Bedroom Trafalgar Law
401 2 Bedroom Alice Elliot
501 2 Bedroom Michael Munroe
601 2 Bedroom Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter
701 1 Bedroom Kyna Midha
702 1 Bedroom Harlan Halliday
801 1 Bedroom Lucretia
802 1 Bedroom Anne of Austria

1201 3 Bedroom Gren
1203 3 Bedroom Akira Kurusu, Raidou Kuzunoha XIV
1301 4 Bedroom
1303 4 Bedroom Ronan Lynch, Adam Parrish
1401 4 Bedroom Rey, Nick Valentine
1403 4 Bedroom Kylo Ren, Armitage Hux, Anakin Skywalker
1501 5 Bedroom Cashmere
1503 5 Bedroom Hannah Washington, Chris Hartley
1202 3 Bedroom L Lawliet
1204 3 Bedroom Yukari Mishakuji
1302 4 Bedroom Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII
1402 4 Bedroom Pellaz Cevarro, Seel har Parasiel, Calanthe, Jo Harvelle, George Lass
1404 4 Bedroom Subject Delta
1502 5 Bedroom Inquisitor Trevelyan, Cole
1505 5 Bedroom Richie Gecko

01 4 Bedroom Wade Wilson
02 4 Bedroom Ushahin Dreamspinner
03 4 Bedroom Alphys, Mettaton
04 4 Bedroom Ellie
05 4 Bedroom Yu Kanda
06 5 Bedroom Curufin Fëanorion
07 5 Bedroom Mello, Sharon da Silva
08 5 Bedroom
09 5 Bedroom Ikaruga
10 5 Bedroom Chara Dreemurr

3-1 3 Bedroom Bianca
3-2 3 Bedroom
4-1 4 Bedroom
4-2 4 Bedroom
4-3 4 Bedroom
5-1 5 Bedroom
5-2 5 Bedroom
5-3 5 Bedroom
6-1 6 Bedroom
6-2 6 Bedroom Will Solace, Nico di Angelo, Annabeth Chase

To claim housing for your character(s), please copy/paste this form and fill it out:
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moving in with alphys and mettaton /fingerguns

[personal profile] hasitsthorns 2017-08-17 06:00 am (UTC)(link)
CHARACTER NAME(S): Hanako 'Rosalina' Nurumi
APARTMENT/HOUSE NUMBER: Delight's Housing, 03.
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[personal profile] claritatis 2017-08-18 11:39 pm (UTC)(link)
CHARACTER NAME(S): Ignis Scientia
APARTMENT/HOUSE NUMBER: Apartments, Spire Three, 701
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[personal profile] noctyourking 2017-08-20 06:09 pm (UTC)(link)
CHARACTER NAME(S): Noctis Lucis Caelum
HOUSE NUMBER: 1302, second spiral w/ papa Regis :)